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Publishing PART 2 of #adreadfultale

It is done, the actual real physical handmade book De Feiten in de zaak Murks - deel 2 ' Mundus subterraneus' - happy smile

And the best part of publishing a new book in our continuing Willem and Murks -series into the real world?? (You now it is published as an irregular feuilleton on instagram & fb using the hashtag #adreadfultale but that is just as digital as it is untouchable... now it is born again into a real physical book). Answer: you get to print and read the cover burbs, and the cover blurbs of this book are especially good! The whole series started out in Dutch, so the blurbs are Dutch as well, but imagine this blurb:

"Dit verhaal confonteert de lezer hardhandig met de botte feiten van ons moderne leven. Na lezing van Mundus subterraneus voel ik mij gesterkt om de noodzakelijke taken ter hand te nemen. Ik heb nu voldoende brandhout voor de winter." according to Grov Scrubber from De Noordse Morgenster. See picture below for Grov Scrubber's origins....

Some latest news about Willem & Murks. They are now in episode 44. This new book is episode 16 to 31, and is for sale online from this site. It is supposed to be a trilogy, but this could become a trilogy in more than thee parts.... Willem is now on the isle of Nibbeloog, and seriously questing as well as questionning his motives, he can use all the support you can give him. And Part 1 'De Feiten in de zaak Murks 'Nachtelijke ontmoetingen' is itself traveling the world as part of the Mooi Marginaal-show.

Want to read back a couple of episodes? Read them in sequence from here.

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