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Roundabout Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog, this small windswept isle in the north east of our Dutch estuary of the 'Waddenzee' always attracts stories, visitors, birds, walkers and any other type of visitor. And yet never feels crowded and always gives air and space to one's imagination, It creates.. and like the beach is new every day.

This winter, and last winter as well, we made the round trip to the remote west side of the islet. Past the beaken in the far dues..

Across the wild sands and creeks of the west point. Waddenzee and Northsea meet, dunes dissapear and there is skye and light, or whatever one experiences on any specific day.

Through water and along the growing downs on the Northsea beach back east to the safety of a beaten track.

Seeing Schiermonnikoog's twin lighthouses on the east point and back to the village and the well known warmth of hotel Van der Werff.

This handprinted logBOEK is one of the results, and I made about 30 of it. The are now for sale through this site, and they are for any of you who makes this trip and wants to note experiences or observations along that path.

" 360island booklets: ‘Paging through this booklet, you go around the island. Walking around the island, you can write down your experiences in here’ "

Booklets are now available from my online shop.

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