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new year cards

When you have been reading my stories on my old blog, you might already know that there is a strange bond between me and making house-pictures. I always seem to do so. And I love them. But I also fear that making to many of them is maybe getting there to easily, to cheap.... So I often try not to make a house. But it is okay for Christmas, I think, and for that month of the year that is so suited to sitting at home and make new things and plans...

So, Last few years I've been proceeding according to this formula for christmas cards:

(Lotje's over-active house drive) * (digital illustration) / |December frame of mind| = (okay for new-year-cards)

And look at the collection below, I think it is working.

A bit of dreamery is okay for December. Houses are okay as long as I can start making good things in January without the assistance of a cute house. And illustration is progressing along a nice path.

I cloud wish I had more time to do this type of work and to really get to do this for a story book, not just houses in that case though!!

illustrations by Lotje Meijknecht
Collection of 4 new year cards / christmas cards

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