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Autumn colours

Two years ago, around this time of the year, we made a walk around the small isle of Tiengemeten, right below Rotterdam in the waters of Haringvliet. A foot passenger ferry takes you there.

We have made this walk a couple of times. And from sketches and all experiences I have made this small handprinted booklet. It is a 360-island booklets ‘Paging through this booklet, you go around the island. Walking around the island, you can write down your experiences in here’ "

On the isle you can feel space around you. Not much else there except nature, and a couple of farm building left for tourist information and a simple coffee. This feeling of space and loneliness right there is special in our densly populated country. And this small isle has been depopulated and 'given back' to nature, about 20 years ago. A double sided story. Buildings left to themselves are really disintegrating. Lines of trees are broken, storm victims left to themselves. Mixed feelings all around you.

The mood of Autumn and autumn colors feel like the best way to express one's thoughts about this island. Winter is really to bleak, spring and summer are a bit one-sided... And that is why I was looking for the booklet just right now in October. I've used one copy to make my own notes. And I've put it in the online shop, for any of you who would like to take a logBOOK along when you get to walk on Tiengemeten.


A visit there is always impressive. Nature is good, and nice and taking over. The decline of the original buildings and homes make you wonder about the proces. There are a couple of documentaries about this proces (one is from Digna Sinke), always good to watch.

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