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a dreadful tale 'De Feiten in de Zaak Murks'

This year I've had much fun in creating a continuing story. Me as a illustrator and Tim Huisman as a writer. It's just started as a dreadful tale, and could be read by following #dreadfultale on my insta account. No idea where it is going.... but it is definitly getting somewhere!

We've turned the first 15 episodes into a very nice book!! 15x15 cm, 40 pages and hand printed covers.

It has been a succes at Boekkunstbeurs in Leiden and is now for sale (special fair price €19,50) at the Amsterdam Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers and through this site.

Update 2020: it has been part of the Mooi Marginaal traveling exhibition of best small scale published books and the book got a beautiful movie at

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