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The art of using a tea towel

Friends from have started a site to sell and promote table cloths and kitchen texiles. Just to show that those types every day utilitarian objects can be very nice and can be designed nicely.

And there is a bit of a why question here, why are ordinary tea towels not just ok? They are, or course. So why making such a fuss about N I C E tea towels?? I think art has a role in daily life, in uplifting us a bit, a moment away from day to day business, giving a view onto something else - something beautiful - options - possibilities :)

Last year I did a table cloth design for VMAT, and I loved that! It came out a a modern design on pure lush classic white damast, very festive and luxurious.

A fan of this tablecloth - and proud owner of lots of tablecloths all beautiful and some very antique - and all to be used! - told me something very nice & COVID related about this table cloth. She did have one in a smaller size. And when they could again receive guests for dinner with proper social distancing, but how to set the table with this smallish tablecloth? She bought a second one so the guests at their end of the table could enjoy it as well. Now don't get ideas. This is not about a royal setting with 30 person-sized tables and table settings at both ends. But it is nice to do this for guest I think, enjoy when you can invite them!!

Okay, so this year we created tea towels. More practical, every day usage, yet very natural linnen, with a nice feel and good drying capabilities, of course! The designs I did came from the recipe prints with wood block type and lino cuts. Linnen tea towels also remind me of woven stipe patterns, so that gave some additional colors. The beautiful geometric tea towels are designed by Lucja Grodzicka, they combine with each of the prints in many different combinations - very smart design.

What would you say? Only use tea towels when the dishwasher is out of order, or maybe start doing the glasses separately??!

They are for sale both in local shops, at and in this site's shop - nice when you would like the print as wel ;). Enjoy doing the dishes!!

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