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pure white damask

Groentechips VMAT lotje meijknecht

This summer we created a new damask table cloth. Pure white damask, classic yet contemporay design. I did the design, based on lino cut fruits and vegetables. Helga van Manen dit production and has it for sale now on her site and in the local shop

When it did materialize and came back from the weaver, it felt so good to be able to use it. I even had a dinner party including red whine and chocolate cake, scarry! but washing instructions are really good. It is white as ever and looking forward to use it at christmas.

Did you know that apart from all washing instructions provided, bleaching it in sunshine by keeping it on a line outside for a week or so really does help in desparate stain situations? I got that advice from the person who uses real vintage family damask on her table #grandmotherknowshow.

Below some pics of the design and final result, as a artist strip book tale.

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